Primer of Bathrobe Design, Remodeling and Products

Bathrobes interiors tend to be under-budgeted as compared to rest
of the home. Doing bathrobe area gets some of us to think why to spend so much when we spend so little time in the bathrobe.

We all know it’s not true and a good bathrobe area feels as terrific as rest of the home. Let’s focus on a few areas that allow you estimate costs, without going bankrupt.

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Now let’s get into areas demanding little attention.To avoid space constraints, you can work on exploiting whatever space you have.Start with clear corners and wasted space.For instance, you may want to make use of an empty wall sneaking at you at odd times.Turn it into a showcase/cabinet to use/display.

Use lighting accents to highlight areas of the display (why can’t a bathrobe have its showcase!) and use shelves to stack your toiletries.You can also green up corners besides your toilet seat with interior plants.

Get creative. Hang creative pieces from over the toilet, or some nice mirror work to create an illusion of space.Invest in showers, gadgets, mirrors, dressers and vanities for you will be happy with it some years down the line. Bathrobe stuffs needs to be cosy and relaxing.Choose from a range that goes with the overall look and appeal.

In reality, individual bathrobe site alone can determine how can play with space and make the best of it, but use creative tools to add a feeling of space then add textures, drapery and the right lighting. Even contemporary interiors look promising.Here are few cool essentials I find up to the mark….

The Crystal Shower Enclosure makes a versatile corral with safe ¼-inch tempered glass door along with fibreglass reinforced acrylic & steel. Equipped with secure magnetic latches, the doors open effortlessly on integrated hinges.The visible fixtures are in chromed finish, and the door is reversible allowing left/right opening.Designed to fix against tiled walls, its available in three sizes.And, I think it’s worth investing in a shower case…

The Destiny Shower Enclosure is equally appealing, and it allows you to install the glass on custom tiled trays, and for streamlined installation, it can be combined with an optional tray.Frame finish is available in Chrome/White/Brushed Aluminum.

The aluminium in the shower door is durable and resistant to water damage.

If you have a shower enclosure installed, it makes sense investing in a convenient shower column. I like the Camilla Shower Column with its anodised aluminium body in a satin finish.Equipped with six adjustable body jets and multifunctional 5″ hand shower and holder.The best practical part, it can be easily installed back-to-wall or in a corner.

Lighting can play an important role in bathrobes; poorly lit areas only make the bathrobe appear dull & grey.Work on areas you need light, like on top of the mirror, seating area and near the shower.The market is flooded with fancy lights, I probed and found a few, and one of them deserves mention-the Lara Bathrobe Sink Lighting in ceramic with its unique pattern, UL approved for damp areas, great for reducing eye fatigue by hiding bulbs that are normally exposed.

Coming to our best focus-vanities– check out Enzo Ceramic Vanity.Its rather sophisticated and I fell for its all-around appeal.It offers incredible storage room and the choice of double/single sink.

Another stunner makes it here-the Rocco Ceramic Vanity.Great for big spaces, what I like is the large storage space it comes with! On cards are under-mount white porcelain sink with overflow, generous storage cabinet and drawers, water resistant polyurethane finish & optional matching mirror and four different configurations of main and side cabinet.

Modern vanities have been making a boom too and need to be highlighted. The Integrator best bathrobe Vanity is beauty in clear glass, creating an illusion of space again, great for medium sized bath areas. Equipped with towel bar, faucet holes, I-trap & pop-up drain assembly, its rocking stuff for bathrobes.

If you have great hardware for bathrobe but are looking for some stylish faucets to do with the changed interiors-check out the Framework Single lever Tall Faucet.

Lastly, don’t overdo the interiors…let some space breathes in there. use individual pieces that add a personal touch and work on areas that are overlooked…after all; all the work makes it well worth at the end of the day.

Design Bathrobes on a Budget

Creating a stunning bathrobe complete with all the luxuries from whirlpool baths, a double basin vanity to radiator towel warmers, finished off with glam bathrobe fittings and accessories for the ultimate desire bathrobe is every homeowner’s desire. When beginning to explore your options for creating your exclusive space, you should start with a wish list of desired needs. The two points of interest at the top of your list will be budget and space, and then sub-dividing the list into two categories, “what can I live with” and “what needs to be replaced.”

Most often we tend to visualise everything brand new and overlook the fact that by simply replacing small fittings such as a new basin mixer tap can bring new life to an existing pedestal sink. When you look at the big picture, you not only cut costs especially if you are a do-it-yourself person, but you also save on having to purchase a new sink freeing up funds for other essentials such as a new bathrobe mirror or new bathrobe accessories.

If you are looking to give your shower a modern contemporary look, durable solid glass constructed doors aren’t just an affordable way to upgrade the look of your bathrobe, but allows you to do away with traditional plastic shower curtains and gives the bathrobe a sense of spaciousness.

Shower/Bath glass enclosures is also a stylish way of dressing up your bathrobe; they may be easy to install and much easier to clean than fabric or plastic curtains. Finding solutions to meet both your needs and spending allowance for your bathrobe redesigning projects, doesn’t imply diminishing quality. Purchasing one good quality item, such as a whirlpool spa bath may mean looking at the “what you can live with” checklist in finding items in your bathrobe that can be refinished.

Refinish Bathrobe Furniture and CUT COSTS

New bathrobe furniture does not necessarily mean the physical purchase of a new bathrobe cabinet or wall mounted vanity, try refurbishing the cabinet or vanity instead. With some commercial products that can simply strip away old paint and wood coatings makes for an easy-to-do weekend bathrobe project, with a little sanding and a fresh new coating of paint, varnish or real wood lacquer, you will be surprised with the new look of your bathrobe cabinet or bathrobe vanity.

Also, determine who will be using the space, will it be a family bathrobe or a tranquil place to relax and unwind. Establishing clear goals will aid in deciding the bathrobe design you are trying to achieve. If water works are occurring in your bathrobe indicating children who splash around during bath time, then you most definitely want to think about using durable materials such as acrylics and ceramics.

Baths that are filled with Stone Solid Resin with twinned skinned acrylic are far more durable than cast iron or steel where acrylic is less prone to cracks and scrapes and pottery only bathrobe suites are less susceptible to damage and staining compared to real wood finished bathrobe suites.

When it comes to space often rearranging the layout of your bathrobe to either create the illusion of space or open the space to get more functionality to accommodate the family is a workable solution. Today’s baths are available in some sizes and shapes; corner baths are an excellent choice for space conservation since they fit tightly into any corner of the bathrobe creating a unique focal point and again are perfect for the price consciences consumer.

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Turning a dull bathrobe into an enchanting delight comes from uplifting ideas which can simply be seen on the internet or by taking a trip to a bathrobe shop. Get advice from the experts and do some price assessment. If you are out and about shopping around for bathrobe products remember to bring the necessary items to avoid several journeys, paint swatches, tile samples, measurements including a floor plan, existing hardware if you plan to replace bath/shower or basin taps for exactness rather than guessing, and pictures of your existing bathrobe, this will help with your selection and give you a visual sense of how the bathrobe will look. Finally, while trying to get the maximum energy out of your bathrobe, always balance out your needs with your bottom financial line and not to stray from your budget.

An essential guide to buying bathrobe products

Tips and recommend when buying your bathrobe suite:

  1. Your bathrobe is probably the most personal space in your home.
    Many people overspend in renovating their bathrobes in the belief that the reflection.
  2. Personality can be found in the design of the bathrobe. When your guests use your bathrobe.
  3. They take the time to look around and analyse the style and accessories decorating the bathrobe.
  4. Your wealth and style will be reflected in the perfection of work and the material you use.
  5. Below are some tips and recommendations when considering buying a bathrobe suite or adding accessories.


Also known as sanitary ware, ceramics, porcelain and ware.
You will find four basic areas that impact the quality of pottery and its expected life-span: The depth of the glaze:

  • The glaze is the glass-like surface covering which is fired onto the pottery in the kiln when it is made.
  • The glass enables the pot to be water-resistant and shields it from chemicals, such as bleach etc., over its life.
  • The thicker the glaze generally, the longer the life. Once this glaze goes, wears out, the pot becomes porous, absorbs water and eventually cracks.
  • The more you use and clean the pottery the faster the glaze wears out.
  • To make the glaze thicker, you have to apply it a layer at a time and each time fire it in the kiln. This process results in breakages within the kiln.
  • For example, if I fire 100 pieces of pot once I may get 99 back in one piece, so the 99 pays for the 100.
  • If I then open fire the 99 again I may get 80 back in one piece, so now 80 have to pay for 100.
  • If I then open fire the 80 I may get only 50 back in one piece, so now 50 have to pay for 100. You get the gist of this by now.
  • If you presume that each layer of glaze lasts approximately 5 to 7 years you can soon see how the system works.
  • If you glaze once you get a less expensive cost to manufacture but the product does not last as long in a house. The thicker the glaze, the longer the pottery lasts.

Quality of the clay:

  • The quality of the clay that is used to make the pottery is essential.
  • The reason for this is that the finer the clay, the smoother the finish will be on the item being made.
  • If you use a poorer grade of clay, it will have more grit in it, and the surface will have a more rippled appearance.
  • You may also find that as a result of increased grit content the pottery is heavier than an item of the same size made with a finer grade of clay.
  • The finer the clay, the more tonnes of rough clay you have to use to refine down to make it.
  • It is, therefore, less expensive to produce pottery with a coarse grade of clay.

The overspray or colour:

  • The white colour, or whatever colour it happens to be, is applied to the pottery before the glaze.
  • Each manufacturer mixes their colour to try to match it to the colour of the acrylic baths.
  • The white colour of the acrylic bath is a worldwide standard set by the acrylic manufacturers.
  • You need to be aware of this if your client tries to mix and match pottery from different manufacturers.
  • Its usually acceptable to have a bathrobe and basin from one supplier made to match the bath but if you put a basin
  • One supplier and a toilet from another and then the bath together it will stand out like a sore thumb.
  • The thicker the colour is applied, the less fading on the edges takes place, and the colour is even over the whole of the item.
  • The colour as with the glaze is applied in layers and then has to be left to set before the next coat can be applied.
  • The fewer coats, the quicker the product can be made, and the less cost is involved.

The design of, the item:

  • The more intricate the design the more expensive the mould is to make and the more chance there is that you will not always remove it from the mould without damage.
  • Plainer designs are usually less expensive. You should also note that basins, toilets and bidets are made as matched units.
  • You will often find that the foot of the pedestal on the basin matches the foot of the toilet pan and that the back of the basin matches the toilet cistern lid.
  • One general point to be made is that pottery is often sold in what is known in the trade as a four-piece set.
  • That is a basin, pedestal, pan and cistern. Regrettably, the retail customer sees the set as two pieces: the basin and the toilet.
  • If you use the term four-piece set to a retail customer they may think you imply a basin, toilet, bath and bidet.
  • So always explain what you imply by four pieces if you should choose to use the term.